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Springtime Activities with Kids

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Need some exciting or more engaging spring activities for kids? In this case, we’re talking about spring activities without rain. Although, some of these ideas can be transitioned or adjusted to an inside space.

The majority of the time, we feel the need to make an event or outing a ‘big deal’ instead of keeping it simple. Children are little creative brainstormers who can turn the simplest of activities into a full-day storybook. Think of the cardboard box they can play with for hours with little to no modifications; it becomes a house, a spaceship, a boat, or a hiding space.

Enough rambling! Here are 10 springtime activity ideas to enjoy with your children:

  1. Blowing Bubbles
    This is a very simple and cheap way to keep your kids entertained… or at least until the bubbles run out. However, you can then make your own!
  2. Ride a Bike
    Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Depending on the age of your child, this is something you can share together or let them ride around the driveway while you sip a cold drink on a warm spring day.
  3. Paint Rocks
    A bit messier than some crayons and a colouring book, but that’s what hoses are for, right? This can be turned into two activities as collecting the rocks can be just as much an adventure as sitting down to paint them.
  4. Jump in Puddles
    We’re avoiding the rain activities in this list but why not do an after-rain activity? This is a hit or miss for parents! Those who are fine with wringing out clothes and doing a little load of laundry, let your kids loose! It’s surprising how long this can keep them occupied.
  5. Draw With Chalk
    Pictures, hopscotch, or a van Gogh masterpiece… let your kids’ minds wander. They may be sad when it gets washed away by the rain so be sure to take a photo. This activity can be a different experience each day so stockpile a few tubs and send them out to get some fresh air.
  6. Yard Camping
    If you already have a small tent, this is the perfect activity that can last from morning to night. Pitch your tent in the yard and let your kids play. They can sit outside and read, watch a movie on a phone or iPad, eat snacks, play house, and more. If you have a fire pit in the yard, you can transition to enjoying some marshmallows or smores over the fire together in the evening before bedtime.
  7. Feed the Ducks
    If you have a pond or ravine nearby, bring some cooked rice or birdseed as a tasty snack for the ducks. If you have no ducks around, maybe you can feed the squirrels or visit a petting zoo instead.
  8. Visit a Farmer’s Market
    Take some time on the weekend to explore a market and let your kids pick out some fresh fruits or vegetables to have for a snack later. You can also take them berry picking but be sure you know which berries are edible in your region.
  9. Get Gardening
    Many of us plant our gardens in early spring so add an extra set of hands by letting your child dig in the dirt.
  10. Play Sports
    We saved the broadest category for last as there are a lot of options for getting active through sports. Put a basketball or hockey net in the driveway, go to the park and throw a baseball, frisbee, football, or kick a soccer ball. Turn it into a play date and they’ll play even longer!

These are just a few ideas to add to your list of to-do’s with your children in spring. We’d love to hear some of the unique things you like to do. Share in the comments below.

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