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1 (306) 682-5004

1605 8th Avenue – Humboldt, SK.

1 (306) 682-5004

1605 8th Avenue – Humboldt, SK.


Four Pillars

Family resource centres are prevention models supporting families in meeting the needs of their children. The program addresses four areas. Scroll down to see what these areas are.


Early Learning

Enhance child development through positive experiences and play. The FRC provides:

  • High quality early learning, literacy and numeracy environments. 
  • Play that supports school readiness and holistic child development.
  • Play that includes families and caregivers.
  • Programs where children experience sensory play, art, dance, music, etc.
  • Information about what parents should look for when choosing high quality learning programs
  • Supporting the quality of programs offered by private family child care homes and community preschools. 


Parenting Education

Build parenting skills to support child development and prvide responsive and nurturing environments. The HEYFRC provides: 

  • Programs and support to build the knowledge of parents and caregivers about supporting holistic child development and early learning
  • Inclusive environments where parents and caregivers can learn about child development and well-being
  • Family literacy and numeracy activities.


Family Wellness

Work with Partners to provide services to support the health and wellness of families. The HEYFRC provides:

  • Connections for families to access supports for health and wellness of families.


Information & Referrals

Connect families with important services locally and provincially. The HEYFRC provides:

  • Referral services for families to access support and services.
  • A space where families may receive services that they would otherwise have to travel to larger centers to access.