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Mom Moment Registered Appointments
Ages: Adult

'Mom-ing' is hard.  'Adult-ing' is hard.  Mom Moments are a safe, private session with a professional counsellor while your child(ren) are cared for by the FRC staff.   What will you talk about in a Mom Moment?  Anything!  Mom guilt, struggling to manage day-t0-day, intrusive/scary thoughts, mom rage (yes this is a thing!), setting and managing boundaries with family and friends, prenatal/postpartum anxiety and/or depression, relationship changes, identity loss, sensory overload....the list is endless!  An empty tank will take you no where!  When life starts to feel to big, book a moment with Alina.

Sessions are held at 9:00, 10:00 & 11:00 on Monday mornings.

Email: to register.