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HEY Playschool Registered Program
Ages: 3 - 4

HEY Playschool is designed to support the kindergarten readiness skills that often get forgotten - mindfulness, conflict resolution, turn taking, empathy, and team work.  Each week begins with a Sunshine Circle Theraplay session with parents and siblings – through this we learn that we belong, we can trust other adults, and it can be fun to be part of a group.  Then the children move into the 'classroom' for games/songs/activities that will support their kindergarten readiness.  During this parents participate in 'Parent Talk' – coffee and community, sometimes we just need that moment to breathe and talk to other adults, sometimes parents need the time away from older children to have one on one time with the younger children.  Parents need to stay in the centre.  Each session  finishes with playtime for the children to learn how to play with each other in an unstructured way.  Sometimes the biggest skill children need to develop the most is the ability to play.