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1605 8th Avenue – Humboldt, SK.

1 (306) 682-5004

1605 8th Avenue – Humboldt, SK.


Play Matters

“An engaged child is a happy child”

(Quote from a Saskatchewan Educator)

Positive experiences as infants and toddlers provide a foundation for children to develop more advanced self regulation and social skills.

Infants and toddlers pass through many stages of development and it is important that they have opportunities to explore with these new skills.

Infants and toddlers learn about the world through active exploration with their senses.

  • They need to touch, see, taste, smell and listen to the materials in their environment.
  • This learning is supported by their relationships with caring adults.

Learning is an active process and involves exploring possibilities in ways that we may not have considered.

Introducing new concepts and providing opportunities for language development are important for intellectual development of infants and toddlers through discovery and play.

Our knowledgable staff use their knowledge about developmentally appropriate practice and the interests of the children to set up activities that children will enjoy exploring and provides opportunities to learn.

Play at Home:

Observe to see what children are interested in and then supply materials to support that interest.

  • View the environment as full of opportunities. (A staircase can be an invitation for learning for a child who is learning to climb.)
  • Presenting materials that you already have in a new way can stimulate new interest and exploration for the children.
  • Talk to our friendly staff for ideas of things that you can do at home to support the growth and development of your child through play.